Web Marketing For Experts

You are an expert in your niche and you know it — but does anyone else?

If you are a business owner, health-care professional, attorney, accountant, consultant, sales representative, trainer/educator, author, information marketer, or marketing professional in any size company …

…. being the well-known authority in a niche — either as an individual or as a business — is one of the most-overlooked keys to success (think higher prices, lower marketing costs, more customers).

Recognized experts have customers chasing them rather than the other way around.

Besides being great at what you do, in the past the traditional ways to position yourself or your business as THE authority in your niche were as follows:

  • Find a book agent who will take you on as a client
  • Land a book deal with a publishing house
  • Promoting your expertise via book signings, speaking engagements and media exposure.

These options were very tough to make happen.

As a result, most experts went to their grave as unknowns …

… and, sadly, those who became the recognized authorities often achieved that status due to money, contacts, and/or luck — NOT because of their expertise.

Well, the world has changed.

You still need to write, speak and pursue publicity, but the Internet explosion has caused a dramatic change in how you can do these things.

Book publishers, traditional media and agents are no longer in control of who is considered the authority. Now it’s possible for experts communicate directly with the billions of people who use the Internet every day.

The problem is that the Internet has become horrendously complicated.

It seems there are a million things to do in order to be successful online — SEO, backlinks, article marketing, public relations, YouTube, blogging, and don’t forget Facebook and Twitter.

The problem with becoming the recognized expert in a niche has shifted from having to deal with media gatekeepers to having to deal with overwhelming complexity.

Sure, almost anyone can put up a website, but that’s no longer the game. In fact, the game has changed so dramatically that most existing websites provide little, if any, value.

The Internet has gone far beyond websites. Now there are hundreds of video and podcast sites, thousands of online article repositories, tens of thousands of online publicity sites, hundreds of thousands of blogs. Plus, Facebook has over 700 million active members and Twitter over 100 million.

That’s why eInnov8 Marketing developed Web Marketing For Experts. This system is designed to allow experts to take full advantage of the Internet, without having to know anything about the Internet.

Users of this system still need to write, speak and pursue publicity, but they now have access to dead simple tools to get their content online and broadly distributed — to their website, blog, podcast, social media accounts, video sites, article repositories, email system, and more.

This systems uses eInnov8 Marketing’s proprietary Internet Video-Audio, Web Content Flood and Experts In WordPress — tied together into a comprehensive and integrated system that eliminates the previously-required piecemeal approach.

Our single-minded goal is to turn our client experts into “Big Shots” — using online marketing, social media, directed publicity, information marketing, and the other new-media methods that are rapidly replacing traditional and less effective advertising.

Our Web Marketing For Experts capabilities are a component of what we do in developing a comprehensive, fully-integrated online presence for our partners. To learn about the many ways you can partner with eInnov8 Marketing, please CLICK HERE.

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