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Discover how to have your video, audio and written content invade every nook and cranny of the Internet — to skyrocket your search engine rankings, explode your website traffic, and dominate the web in your business category

If you’ve done any research about online marketing you’ve probably heard the phrase “Content Is King.”

This phrase was originally coined by Bill Gates in an essay he wrote on January 3, 1996.

“Content is king” means that creating new content and distributing it widely is the single most important key to online success.

You can’t use tricks to get website traffic anymore. Search engines have become more sophisticated and social media has exploded. Content is indeed king.

You not only need a foundation in place (website, blog, social media accounts), but you must regularly create content and distribute it throughout the Internet to be successful. And the content can no longer just be in written form — video and audio content are now equally, if not more, important to online success.

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in or if you’re a local or national business, creating and distributing video, audio and written content online has become a requirement to successful online.

The problem is that doing this has become ridiculously complicated.

Here are just some of the challenges:

  • Recording video/audio, editing and uploading to online servers
  • Moving large video files, converting formats, storage/bandwidth
  • Making video/audio available to play online (email, website, blog, social media)
  • Content control and branding
  • Distributing content to online repositories (article, video, podcast)
  • Hassle of dealing with online technology
  • Knowing best practices to maximize the marketing value of content
  • Having to take a piecemeal approach to have a comprehensive system

At eInnov8 Marketing we’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars over more than two years to develop a system that addresses these challenges.

We call this system Web Content Flood.

From a user standpoint, Web Content Flood is simple and elegant. Users just need to interact with a single page on their website.

On this page (the “floodgate’), they can do the following:

  • Record video with their computer’s webcam
  • Record audio with their computer’s microphone
  • Record audio via the telephone (direct, 3-way teleconference)
  • Upload video/audio file from their computer’s hard drive
  • Upload almost any document file (PDF, PowerPoint, Word, etc.)
  • Type/paste into text box and upload an image

That’s it.

From this single floodgate page on their website, users can create and submit content of any length and format (video, audio, written).

The floodgate page also features a link to the top keyword phrases identified for the business, making it simple for the user to create content that will be a magnet for search engine traffic.

From there the magic happens.

When we set up Web Content Flood we create accounts for a new client on hundreds of blog directories, RSS networks, article repositories, press release distribution services, journal sites, video repositories, podcasts, and social bookmarking sites.

Then, here is what happens next — with absolutely no involvement by the content author:

  • Video/audio content is passed to central server, transcoded, and stored
  • All content is delivered to a single “reservoir” on the business’s website
  • An email notification is sent to a designated person at the business with several links to access the video/audio content
  • The content is reviewed by a central staff person and any issues are cleaned up
  • The content is published to the business’s website, blog, member site, social media accounts, and/or podcast
  • Video/audio content is edited and made ready for distribution
  • Content is syndicated to the hundreds of accounts we have set up — other blogs, blog directories, RSS networks and social bookmarking sites.
  • Content is submitted to online repository sites (e.g., YouTube, eZine Articles, press release repositories)

All this happens with no involvement from the content creator.

Once the content is submitted it is multi-purposed and distributed Internet-wide.

This is either handled 100% automatically by our system or is accomplished by a central staff person who does the work that requires manual intervention.

The possibilities of Web Content Flood are almost endless.

Here are just some of the functions Web Content Flood provides:

  • Video/Audio email
  • Sending large video files via email
  • Audio / Video website publishing
  • Conference call recording and website publishing
  • Video distribution to video repositories
  • Podcasting
  • Telephone hotlines
  • Video interview system
  • Video/Audio/Text testimonial collection
  • Video/Audio blogging and tweeting
  • Simple membership site management
  • Article marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Press release distribution
  • Flooding video, audio and written content to every nook and cranny of the Internet

The dramatic results are as follows:

  • Higher search engine rankings for your website/blog
  • Multiple references to your business in search engine results
  • Web exposure far beyond your website/blog
  • Increased website/blog/social media account traffic
  • Greater “expert” positioning on the Internet for you and/or your business

Our Web Content Flood capabilities are a component of what we do in developing a comprehensive, fully-integrated online presence for our partners. To learn about the many ways you can partner with eInnov8 Marketing, please CLICK HERE.

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