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Gain the full advantage of using video and audio in your online marketing

The entire Internet experience is shifting from text and images to video and audio, and this shift is just getting started.

Video is already responsible for more than 40% of all consumer Internet traffic and that is expected to grow to over 60% by 2013.

This is happening for a good reason. Video and audio is a far more effective communication medium than text and images. They’re better at transmitting personality, are more entertaining, get a better response and they convert more visitors to leads and sales.

Most companies are not using video and audio at the level they should, due to technical challenges and complexity.

This is crazy! It’s so simple to shoot a video or record an audio with today’s technology. In fact, most new phones have all the required technology and almost anyone can do basic editing.

Sure, you can still spend a bunch of money on a high-end camera, studio time, and fancy production work if you want but — in most cases — you’re wasting your money. Studies show real-life video and audio get a better response than studio-quality media.

Recording isn’t the problem. The challenges are the following:

  • Complexity for content creators to get video/audio files uploaded to an online server
  • Technical challenges of moving large files over the Internet, converting files to Internet-compatible formats, and online storage/bandwidth requirements.
  • Complexity of making video/audio available for playing from an email or on a website, blog or social media account.
  • Making the right decision as to where to store the file on the Internet
  • Uploading the file in the most time-efficient way possible
  • Figuring out which video/audio player has the features you want
  • How to minimize buffering when streaming the file to the video/audio player
  • Content control and branding concerns with the use of public video repositories
  • Challenge of distributing video/audios to public video repository or podcast sites.

There are separate services and software that help with each of these challenges — to move files between computers, convert files, store files online, and connect everything.

However, figuring out which of these services and/or software to use, getting it set up, and then going through a multi-step process each time you want to get a video/audio online can be overwhelming.

Each of the available options has its own problems. Take YouTube for example:

Using YouTube to add a video to a website requires these four steps:

  • Open an account with the service
  • Go to the service’s file upload page, browse for the file on your computer, and upload
  • Copy the service’s “embed code” for that file
  • Log into your website/blog and paste this code into the HTML

When people come to that page, they’ll see YouTube’s player and, when they click play, the video will stream from Google’s servers to your website.

The problems with this approach are:

  • It doesn’t work with audio files
  • The video player is branded with the services logo
  • The viewer can easily click though to the service’s site, which:
    • Takes them away from your website
    • Exposes them to videos the service has categorized as being similar to your video (e.g., videos from your competitors).
  • The service can remove your video due to inactivity
  • The service can disable a video or an entire account
  • You are giving the service a license to use your video as they wish

YouTube is great for getting your kid’s first bike ride online, but it’s the wrong choice for business applications.

The other options have their own set of problems — with the primary issue being overwhelming complexity.

That’s why eInnov8 Marketing made the substantial investment to develop Internet Video-Audio — to eliminate the technical challenges and complexity of using video and audio in online marketing.

Here is just some of what you can do with our Internet Video-Audio technology:

  • Record video with your computer’s webcam/microphone using the integrated media recorder and have it automatically published to an email, blog, website, podcast, social media account, or video site
  • Go to a page on your website and upload video/audio files in almost any format and let the system’s transcoders automatically convert the files to the optimal formats for the Internet
  • Easily publish video and audio to your website, blog, and Twitter account
  • Record phone calls, teleseminars and phone interviews of up to 3 hours in length and then automatically receive links that you can share with others in an email or on your website
  • Embed video and audio into your emails with just a few mouse clicks — integrates with virtually any email/CRM marketing system
  • Capture video-audio testimonials from your customers and easily post them to your website
  • Screen job candidates with a video resume system integrated with your website
  • Produce your own podcast
  • Use video and audio for a wide range of online education and training (learning management) applications

Our Internet Video-Audio capabilities are a component of what we do in developing a comprehensive, fully-integrated online presence for our partners. To learn about the many ways you can partner with eInnov8 Marketing, please CLICK HERE.

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