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Add proprietary functionality to your WordPress websites that enables your clients to easily add video, audio, image and written content from a single page on their site and distribute it Internet-wide 

My name is Allen Oelschlaeger and I’m the founder of eInnov8 Marketing, an online technology business in Milwaukee, WI focused on taking the complexity out of Internet marketing.

You may already know that my company was selected by GKIC to develop an online system for the new Certified Business Advisor program, introduced at the 2012 InfoSummit in Nashville.

We were chosen for three primary reasons:

  • Our successful six-year history in developing online technology that takes the complexity out of Internet marketing
  • Our proprietary technology that enables the complete management of a business’s online presence from a single website page — including the recording/uploading of video and audio
  • Our acute awareness of who’s interacting with our products and services — overworked business owners and professionals who have no interest in becoming tech wizards

eInnov8 Marketing got its start due to my experiences in the mid-2000s trying to get websites developed for my businesses and then struggling to manage them once they were live.

The first thing I discovered is that, if you hired the right web designer and spent the appropriate amount of money, you could get a great website developed.

But, I also learned that was just the starting point.

To take full advantage of the Internet you needed to regularly add multi-media content to your site (video, audio, image, text), distribute video/audio content to external locations (YouTube, iTunes), use a variety of media in your communications and be active on your social media accounts.

Sure, at the time, various software products and services were popping up to do some of what was needed.

For example, Content Management Systems (WordPress, Joomla), video distribution systems (TubeMogul, Traffic Geyser), video email systems (Jive Systems, Talk Fusion), video interview resume systems (Montage, VidCruiter), telephone hotlines (Automated Marketing Solutions), online testimonial collection systems (Bubble Testimonial), video management tools (VideoPress and EasyWebVideo), audio management tools (Audio Generator), member-site systems (WishList, MemberGate), thousands of WordPress/Joomla extensions, hundreds of social media tools and more.

These various tools didn’t solve my problem

See, I’m not a tech person. My background is in corporate marketing and I gave up the corporate world to become an entrepreneur in the mid-2000s. So, I was just a normal business owner who wanted to take full advantage of everything I was reading and hearing about the incredible power of the Internet for my business.

But, I ran into three problems:

  • Complicated user interfaces
  • Required training time
  • Piecemeal approach

Frankly, using the available solutions to do what I wanted wasn’t at all practical.

Instead, it seemed like the ONLY approach that would work would be to give content authors (business owners and their staff) a single page on their site that would be their sole interaction with their online presence — both on their website and Internet wide.

Just one page — anything more was too complicated for the normal business person.

So, that’s what I decided to do — which required years and tens of thousands of dollars of investment.

The third generation of the resulting system went into beta trial in March of 2011 and was officially launched at the GKIC InfoSummit in November of 2012 as part of a presentation to near 1000 attendees.

It’s called the Floodtech online authoring system and we now use it as the foundation of all our WordPress website development projects — including the “online profit portal” we created for GKIC (here is an example:

Now we are making this system available to other WordPress website designers and developers through a unique partnership relationship.

In this partnership our clients pay us an initial fee for each site they develop using our technology to provide them with our Floodtech WordPress theme, propriety plugin, connection of the plugin to our backend system (where video/audio is transcoded, stored and streamed back to our client’s site) and configuration of the backend system to meet our client’s customer requirements (e.g., set up the appropriate file folders and API connections). Then, they pay a monthly fee for licensing and use of the technology.

I’ve enclosed a brochure about eInnov8 Marketing and a graphical representation about how the technology works. You can also try out the technology by going to Once you download our free report, you’ll be given an opportunity to view a demonstration of the system and sign up to try out a demo version of the system.

If after reviewing the materials, you want to discuss a potential partnership, please give us a call at 888–529-9298. To send us an email, please go to our Contact Us page.

Committed to taking the complexity out of Internet marketing,

Allen Oelschlaeger

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