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Attention: Niche Information Marketers, Local Niche Business Consultants and Herd Leaders

“Do You Have Licensees/Clients Who Need A
Better Local Online Presence Or That You’d
Like To Monetize With A Website Offering? …

… But Don’t Have The Expertise In
Internet Marketing To Make This Happen
(or you just don’t want the headaches)”

If This Is You, Pay Attention For Just a Few Minutes And
Read On For the Solution You Have Been Waiting For

My name is Allen Oelschlaeger and I’m the founder of eInnov8 Marketing. Does any part of the above apply to you? If so, please keep reading.

With the explosion of local search marketing, every local business needs an aggressive local online presence – just like having a listing in the Yellow Pages was needed in the past.

Just have a listing on a national site of licensees or clients no longer works.

But, there are issues – BIG issues:

  • Time, cost and headaches of developing a fully-integrated system that actually works to generate leads
  • Complexity of incorporating video and audio – which is rapidly displacing text as the preferred online communication medium
  • Piecemeal approach usually required to implement all the necessary elements of an effective online solution
  • Limited technical ability and time availability of most local business people
  • Challenge of keeping up-to-date with the rapid changes in Internet marketing
  • Risk of losing control of your brand and message if you allow your local licensees/clients to have their own website
  • Difficulty in populating each local site in your network with enough content to ensure the site doesn’t become stale to the search engines

You could address the rest of these issues and this last one could still prevent success. The search engines basically ignore static websites — so you must find a way to regularly add multi-media content to your online properties (website, blog, social media accounts, etc.).

The reality is that being successful online now requires coordination of regular content addition, online video/audio, Internet-wide content distribution, results-focused search marketing, social networking, email marketing, social media and more.

Sadly, the most powerful marketing medium
on the planet has become incredibly complex

We have been working to solve these problems since 2009 and have invested tens of thousands of dollars in doing so.

Our system went into beta trial in March of 2011 and was officially launched at the GKIC InfoSummit on November 10th in Nashville. GKIC, the world’s leading champion for small business owners and entrepreneurs, decided to partner with us to provide a proprietary online lead-generation and conversion system for their new Certified Business Advisors (CBA).

Our online system – with its Floodtech™ online authoring system and Web Content Flood™ multi-media content distribution system – is a key component of the GKIC Certified Business Advisor program, which is an expansion of an effort GKIC started in 2007 to create local chapters throughout the United States.

Taking The Complexity Out Of Internet Marketing

GKIC chose us primarily because of our emphasis on taking the complexity out of Internet marketing via:

  • The system we’ve put in place to enable multi-media content to be submitted at a central portal and have it automatically syndicate to a each node on a network of local sites (Web Content Flood content syndication)
  • Our proprietary technology that enables the complete management of a business’s online presence from a single website page – including the recording/uploading of video and audio (Floodtech online authoring system)

In developing our advanced technology solutions we’re acutely aware of who’s interacting with our products and services – overworked business owners and professionals who have no interest in becoming tech wizards.

Although we strive to develop solutions that are “100% done-for-you,” in situations where it’s necessary to interact with technology, we work hard to make the user experience as simple and intuitive as possible.

The companies who use our systems realize their business MUST have an effective online presence, but their interest and the time they can devote to making this happen is limited. We solve this problem.

Our innovations help our clients:

  • Share their expertise with the world
  • Dominate the Internet in their area
  • Syndicate their content Internet-wide
  • Leverage the power of video and audio

The team at eInnov8 Marketing consists of experienced business executives and technologists who recognize the incredible marketing power of the Internet – but also understand that most business owners and professionals have better things to do than become technology experts.

They just want results: more online visibility, greater traffic
to their online properties and conversions to leads and sales

Below you can access the sales letter that was written to promote the GKIC Online Lead Generation and Conversion system to GKIC Business Advisors. The letter should give you a good idea of the capabilities of this system and more detail about our Floodtech online authoring system, Internet Video-Audio multi-media marketing and Web Content Flood multi-media content distribution.

One key aspect of what we’ve developed is that it creates a huge “pain of disconnect” that Dan Kennedy often talks about. Once people are signed up on our comprehensive and integrated system, it is very difficult for them to leave whatever relationship you have with them.

In fact, having a system like ours is so valuable to niche information marketers, local niche business consultants and herd leaders you may have already tried to put a similar system together yourself. Given what we’ve been through over the last few years, I’m 100% confident you didn’t end up with what you wanted and were frustrated beyond belief – despite spending a bunch of money.

Am I right?

In addition, what we’ve heard from business owners like you is that they know they need a local online presence for their licensees/clients – but they are worried about losing control of their brand and message.

That’s not a problem with our system. We can lock it down so the local business owner has no ability to change anything and the entire network is managed centrally – or we can set things up so the local business owner can – on their own – add blog posts, set up landing pages to promote locally, generate leads locally, etc.

In either case, one of the greatest elements of the system is the ability to submit content in video, audio or text format from a central site and have it automatically syndicate to each node of your network. Due to use of merge fields, this content is optimized for the local area. This all happens via our Floodtech online authoring system.

As is outlined in the attached letter, this authoring system is a single page (Floodgate page) on each website where video, audio, image and text content can be recorded, uploaded and written.

This system also works for collecting testimonials from customers. You just send people to a designated URL ( and, from a single page on your website, they can submit video, audio, image and text testimonials.

For example, you can ask your customers to go online and let you know what they are feeling about their experience.

Beyond that, via the Floodgate page, you can also submit content directly to your social media accounts, YouTube channel and video/audio podcasts.

In other words, this system is a niche information marketer’s dream. You can submit multi- media content (video, audio, image, text) via a single page and have it populate each of your client’s/licensee’s site. Then, they can use their own Floodgate page to easily add multi-media content to their site.

This is The Only Online System On The Planet Designed
– From The Ground Up – For Someone Like You

So what are you waiting for?

If you see our system as a potential opportunity to provide your licensees/ clients with a better local online presence or to additionally monetize your business relationship with you them, pick up the phone and call us (888-529-9298) directly. To send us an email, please go to our Contact Us page.

GKIC Business Advisor Sales Letter


Here is more information about the system

eInnov8 Marketing Technology

eInnov8 Marketing Brochure

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Taking The Complexity Out Of Internet Marketing