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Dear Internet Marketing Expert,

My name is Allen Oelschlaeger and I’m the founder of a company focused on taking the complexity out of Internet marketing.

I’m sure you haven’t heard of us before – but we’ve been working since 2009 to develop a technology that would allow content authors (the heart of any successful online marketing effort) to interact with a single webpage for all their content contributions – whether video, audio, image or text.

We’ve had this technology in beta trial since March of 2011 and it was officially launched at the GKIC (Dan Kennedy) InfoSummit in November (we developed the online system for the new GKIC Certified Business Advisor program). Now we are seeking other partners.

The reason we developed this technology was our experience with content authors who hesitated to contribute if any level of complexity was involved – so we created a dead simple system that enables a single webpage to be the only interaction a content author needs to have with their online presence.

From this single page, content authors can:

  • Record video-audio using their computer’s webcam and microphone
  • Upload a pre-recorded video-audio file from their computer
  • Submit a written entry with an image or document file included
  • Distribute their video recordings to YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo and other video repository accounts
  • Post video and audio recordings to an iTunes podcast account
  • Submit text and video-audio Tweets and Facebook updates
  • Collect online testimonials in video, audio and written formats
  • Manage an unlimited number of telephone hotlines

Then, once the content is submitted, the video, audio or written entry ends up at its designated location (e.g., website, video repository, iTunes, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

When a website is the designated location, the system can be set to automatically publish the entry as a blog post or hold it as a draft — from where, with two clicks on the back end, it can be posted to a variety of website locations:

  • Blog
  • Landing page
  • Testimonials display page
  • News media page
  • Membership site
  • Web TV display page

The technology can be provided as a stand-alone system, integrated with a WordPress website via our sophisticated plugin or be incorporated into a national network of local sites. In the latter case, content submitted at a central site can be automatically syndicated to each local site via our proprietary technology.

You can learn more by reviewing the information below.

You can also try out the technology by going to Once you download our free report, you’ll be given an opportunity to view a demonstration of the system and sign up to try out a demo version of the system.

To give you an example of one of our written descriptions of the system see the letter we’re currently sending to national franchise offices.

Our business model is to work with partners – like we’ve done with such companies as GKIC, Packers Hall of Fame, the Martial Arts Marketing Network and the Vistelar Group (which has a 75 year old content author using the system).

The structure of our partnerships varies widely so I’m not going to attempt to outline all of the possibilities here.

Rather I encourage you to review the materials below, view and try out the system at and then call me (262-893-3839) if you think working with eInnov8 Marketing would provide mutual benefit.

Obviously, you need to decide if this technology has value to your business but, just like GKIC discovered, if you spend a little time reviewing it, I’m confident you will.

Committed to taking the complexity out of Internet marketing,

Allen Oelschlaeger

To send us an email, please go to our Contact Us page.

P.S. Be sure to view and try out our system at and then call me if you think you may be interested in partnering with us.


Here is more information about the system

eInnov8 Marketing Technology

eInnov8 Marketing Brochure


Here is a graphic representation of the proprietary
technology behind the eInnov8 Marketing online system

Floodtech™ online authoring system is the name we use to describe the single access point you will use to record/upload/submit all of your content (video, audio, image, text) to our online system. Once submitted, then it is easily published to various locations on our website via our Internet Video-Audio system. From there, our Web Content Flood system takes over to distribute your content Internet-wide. Most of this happens either automatically or with just a few mouse clicks on your site that you can access from anywhere.


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