Attention: National Franchisors

“Do You Have Franchisees Who Need A Better
Local Online Presence Or That You’d Like
To Monetize With An Internet Offering?”


Hello National Franchisor,

My name is Allen Oelschlaeger and I’m the founder of eInnov8 Marketing, a technology firm in Milwaukee, WI that partners with franchisors to develop local online systems for their franchisees.

We anticipated the dramatic change that was going to occur in local online search back in 2007 and, since then, we’ve made substantial investments in technology to meet what we knew would become the online needs of franchisors.

Here is today’s reality:

  • Local businesses must have a local website that the search engines will find when people search on keywords related to the business. Just having each franchise location listed on a national site no longer works.
  • Even if each franchise has a local website, this is no longer sufficient. Now, to be successful online, a business must have a fully integrated system that also includes a blog, social media accounts, mobile website, local directory listings, email marketing, use of video-audio, Internet-wide content distribution and more.
  • And, equally important, multi-media content must be added to a business’s online properties on a regular basis or they’ll be ignored by the search engines.

Bottom line, with the explosion of local search marketing, every local business must have an aggressive local online presence – just as having a strong Yellow Page presence was a requirement in the past.

With over 80% of searches for local businesses occurring online, with the search engines now knowing where everybody lives and with social media (e.g., Facebook with over 1 billion users) becoming the new “word of mouth,” franchisors must have a strong local online presence for their franchisees.

Corporate branding and local offline marketing are no longer sufficient. In addition, local franchisees must have top local search rankings, local online offers, local contact lists for email marketing, social media activity with links back to a local website and local offline-to-online promotions

But, there are issues – BIG issues:

  • Time, cost and headaches of developing a fully integrated system that actually works to generate local leads for the franchisee
  • Complexity of incorporating video and audio – which is rapidly displacing text as the preferred online communication medium
  • Limited technical ability and time availability of most local business franchisees
  • Challenge of keeping up-to-date with the rapid changes in Internet marketing
  • Risk of losing control of the franchisor’s brand and message if local franchisees are allowed to have their own website
  • Difficulty in populating each local franchisee website with enough content to ensure they don’t become stale to the search engines
  • Costs and hassles of maintaining a network of local sites

We have been working to solve these problems since 2009
and have invested tens of thousands of dollars in doing so

Our latest system went into beta trial in March of 2011 with hundreds of fully integrated local online systems. Then, it was officially launched at a national conference in November of 2012 put on by GKIC.

GKIC ( selected eInnov8 Marketing as their online-system partner for their new local Certified Business Advisor program with plans for almost 300 locations nationwide.

Since GKIC is the leading direct response marketing company for small business owners and entrepreneurs (offline and online), they had established relationships with all the premier Internet marketing firms – but they chose us for these reasons:

  • Our six-year history in developing online systems for local businesses in specific market niches
  • The system we’ve put in place to enable multi-media content to be submitted at a central portal and have it automatically syndicate to a each node on a network of local sites
  • Our proprietary technology that enables the complete management of a business’s online presence from a single website page — including the recording/uploading of video and audio
  • Our exceptional expertise in local search marketing, which requires a completely different approach than SEO for a national site.
  • Our acute awareness of who’s interacting with our products and services — overworked business owners and professionals who have no interest in becoming tech wizards.

The arguments for franchisors only having
a national website are no longer valid

We know the arguments for franchisors only having a national website – brand control, not wanting to dilute central-office search marketing efforts, easy online transition if a franchise closes and questions about local franchisees having the technical skills to manage an online presence.

But, with our system, these arguments are no longer valid.

  • We can lock down our system so the local franchisee has no ability to change anything and the entire network is managed centrally – or we can set things up so the local business owner can – on their own – add blog posts, set up local promotions, develop a local email contact list, etc.
  • Central staff can publish multi-media content to a central site and have it syndicate to each local website – with local keywords automatically merged into the content.
  • The local online system is not owned by the franchisee – it is owned and controlled by franchisor. So, if a franchise closes, the site can be taken down and, then, re-launched when a new franchise is opened in the same area (preserving the search engine power previously developed).
  • As I said above, we have designed the system with an acute focus on who is using them – overworked business professionals who have no interest in becoming tech wizards.  Instead, they just want results: more online visibility, greater traffic to their online properties and conversions of that traffic to leads and sales.

Relative to adding content, either via our centrally-managed syndication network or, locally, by the franchisee, one of our proprietary technologies enables the submission of multi-media content (video, audio, image, text) from a single page on each website.

The Floodtech online authoring system

We call this our Floodtech online authoring system and it is critical for our online system to be a viable solution for franchisors because it enables contributors to add video, audio and written content without having any technical ability or even understanding how it works. They can just submit their content and get back to work.

Then, once the content is submitted, our Internet Video-Audio and Web Content Flood systems take over to ensure the submitted content delivers the maximum online value.

This system also works for collecting testimonials from customers. Customers are just sent to a designated URL ( and, from a single page, they can submit video, audio, image and text testimonials – which are then easily displayed on the local website.

Professional Design and Optimum Functionality

One more thing – our system is not a template-based offering with limited design flexibility and functionality. Instead, we work with our clients to develop a system from the ground up so it has a professional look, is unique and has the required functionality for the business.

Given the changes in local search marketing, you may have already tried to develop a system like what I’m describing here – either yourself or using an outside contractor. But, given what we’ve been through over the last six years, I’m 100% confident you either never completed the project or you didn’t end up with what you wanted – despite spending a bunch of money.

The reality is that creating an online system that meets the needs of franchisors isn’t easy – and we’ve learned the hard way by making every mistake possible. But, our struggles are your gains – because now there is a system available that does exactly what you need it to do.

Here is how we work with our franchisor clients

The franchisor provides the domain expertise, writes most of the copy and designs a majority of the graphics. We contribute our proprietary technology and system structure expertise, do all of the development and, when systems go live, we do the ongoing hosting, maintenance and customer support.

There is an initial fee to build out the entire system. Then, either the franchisor can pay the set-up and monthly fees for each site or allow their franchisees to work directly with us.

Our goal is to develop a long-term partnership with our clients which is truly a win-win.

If you think our system has the potential to provide your franchisees with a better local online presence or to additionally monetize your business relationship with you them, I encourage you to pick up the phone and give us a call (888-529-9298). To send us an email, please go to our Contact Us page.

We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and discuss if working with eInnov8 Marketing is your best option.


Here is more information about the system

eInnov8 Marketing Technology

eInnov8 Marketing Brochure


Here is a graphic representation of the proprietary
technology behind the eInnov8 Marketing online system

Floodtech™ online authoring system is the name we use to describe the single access point you will use to record/upload/submit all of your content (video, audio, image, text) to our online system. Once submitted, then it is easily published to various locations on our website via our Internet Video-Audio system. From there, our Web Content Flood system takes over to distribute your content Internet-wide. Most of this happens either automatically or with just a few mouse clicks on your site that you can access from anywhere.


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