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Attention: Any Business Wanting A Fully Customized Web Presence

Have a fully-integrated online lead-generation
and conversion machine you can manage in just
a few minutes per day from a single web page
… using the “Backwards Method” of web development

My name is Allen Oelschlaeger and I’m the founder of eInnov8 Marketing, an online technology business in Milwaukee, WI focused on taking the complexity out of Internet marketing.

You may already know that my company was selected by GKIC to develop an online system for the new Certified Business Advisor program, which was introduced at the 2012 InfoSummit in Nashville.

I believe we were chosen for three reasons:

  • Our successful six-year history in developing online systems for small business owners, entrepreneurs and info-marketers
  • Our proprietary technology that enables the complete management of a business’s online presence from a single website page — including the recording/uploading of video and audio
  • Our acute awareness of who’s interacting with our products and services — overworked business owners and professionals who have no interest in becoming tech wizards

eInnov8 Marketing got its start due to my experiences in the mid-2000s trying to get websites developed for my businesses and then trying to manage them once they were live.

Frankly, as I’m sure you can imagine, it was a nightmare and, once I started asking around, I discovered it was a nightmare for almost all businesses. Here is what I found and heard from others:

  • Technology folks don’t know the first thing about marketing and, especially, direct response marketing
  • It was way beyond my competency level to direct the effort to get a website developed that did what I thought it should do.
  • Once the website was up, doing all of the stuff I knew I was supposed to do to promote it online was hopelessly complicated

At the time it seemed obvious to me that a different approach was needed to online system development. So I decided to form a company to develop them.

I started eInnov8 Marketing and spent tens of thousands of dollars and a couple of years developing a proprietary system that includes a website, blog, landing pages, testimonials display, Web TV, media center, video-audio email system, mobile website, social media accounts, telephone hotlines, video resume system, iTunes podcast, and more — all integrated into a single system that can be managed (including the recording/uploading of video and audio) from a single page on the website.

The system also has a private member-site option (which is also managed from the same single web page).

We put this system in beta trial in March of 2011 and officially launched it at the InfoSummit in November of 2012 as part of a presentation to near 1000 info-marketers about the new Certified Business Advisor program.

You may not know what some of the things above are — but that’s the beautiful thing about this system, you don’t need to.

All you need to know is that these components of an online system are critical and they’ll be working for you 24/7.

Basically, everything you may have heard about what you need to be successful online is part of this system and it will work for you whether you understand it or not.

In other words — no headaches

Just greater online visibility, more traffic and, most
important, conversions of the traffic to leads and sales

Now a lot of the functionality of this system is not available from anyone but us. But, even if you stripped out all of our proprietary technology, the process of building out an integrated and effective system like ours usually takes months to complete — and that’s only if you’re working with a tech team that “gets” GKIC-style direct response marketing and fully understands all aspects of Internet marketing.

However, for our custom online systems, we take a different approach which speeds things up and minimizes the hassle.

The Backwards Method of Online System Development

We call our approach the Backwards Method of online system development. Rather than starting from scratch for each new web project, our pre-developed direct marketing website infrastructure enables a site to be 80% done before we ever get started.

Here are the steps:

  1. You fill out an online form about your business and submit logos, photos and any other graphics you may already have.
  2. We implement our fully-integrated system for your business on our servers and do exhaustive keyword research for your category of business.
  3. You work with our multi-talented team to decide on the layout, graphics, menu structure, font styling, content and additional functionality needed
  4. Our team implements these decisions and we take the site live.

Our goal is for our clients to end up with the most advanced lead-generation and conversion machine on the web — with none of the hassles and headaches.

Unlike almost all other web development firms, our focus in on the following:

  • Integration of all the critical elements your business needs (e.g., website, blog, landing pages, testimonials display, Web TV, media center, video-audio email system, mobile website, social media accounts, telephone hotlines, video resume system, iTunes podcast, etc.)
  • The mechanism that’s in place for ongoing management of the system
  • Search marketing effectiveness (traffic and conversion)
  • Developing a design that promotes the credibility and professionalism of your business, as well as its personality

Due to our substantial investment in creating an integrated system, the “fully-integrated” aspect of your online system is in place from the get go. Then, in terms of ongoing management of the system, our Floodtech authoring system (see graphic description below) enables you to add content — in video, audio, image and text formats — from a single page on your site.

Then, since adding content to your online properties and distributing that content Internet-wide is the key to search marketing, you can be confident your site will be highly visible in the search engines for the keyword phrases we’ve identified for your business via our research.

Finally, we have a team of professional graphic designers and Internet marketing professionals who are experts in ensuring your online presence looks great and functions great.

To learn more about having eInnov8 Marketing develop a custom site for your business, please call us at: 888-529-9298.

The most crazy aspect of our unique approach to doing
business is the set-up and monthly prices we are able to charge

Again, a lot of the features and functionality we provide in our systems aren’t available from anyone else — but, if you found a capable team to just develop the basics of what our system includes, the set-up fees would cost — at the minimum — over $20,000. Some outfits would likely charge a lot more.

Then, on a monthly basis, Internet companies are charging thousands of dollars to do the types of things that our system largely does automatically.

However, because of the investments we’ve made over the last few years, we are able to build out one of our complete systems for much less than the normal market price for such a system.

Then, the monthly fee varies based on what ongoing support package you select: Floodtech authoring system, Internet Video-Audio multi-media marketing and Web Content Flood content distribution system, . The monthly fee also includes support during normal business hours via an online ticket system, support email and dedicated support phone number — as well as system hosting, technology maintenance and a custom monthly search marketing report.

We also have a “fully-managed” option where we 100% manage of all your submitted content – including content editing, publishing to the appropriate places on your online system (website, landing pages, blog, testimonial display, social media accounts, podcast, directories), transcribing of videos/audios, SEO of submitted content, and distribution to video, article and press-release sharing sites.

Again, our prices are pretty crazy in relation to what others are charging for non-integrated systems without our proprietary technology — but that’s what we are able to do and still make money as a result of the investments we have made and the resulting Backwards Method we use.

If you are ready to finally have an online presence that will allow you to take full advantage of the incredible marketing power of the Internet and position you for where marketing is headed in the future, please call us (888-529-9298). To send us an email, please go to our Contact Us page.


Here is more information about the system

eInnov8 Marketing Technology

eInnov8 Marketing Brochure


Here is a graphic representation of the proprietary
technology behind the eInnov8 Marketing online system

Floodtech™ online authoring system is the name we use to describe the single access point you will use to record/upload/submit all of your content (video, audio, image, text) to our online system. Once submitted, then it is easily published to various locations on our website via our Internet Video-Audio system. From there, our Web Content Flood system takes over to distribute your content Internet-wide. Most of this happens either automatically or with just a few mouse clicks on your site that you can access from anywhere.

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