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Grow your business by harnessing the full marketing power of the Internet — without having to deal with any of its complexity

Local business marketing is rapidly moving online.

There may still be a few people using the Yellow Pages to find a local business, but the vast majority use Internet search.

This shift to online marketing is happening so fast and changing so rapidly that most local businesses are struggling to keep up — or, worse, still trying to get started — especially given the growing complexity of what it takes to be successful.

What happened to the good old days when you designed an ad, set a media schedule, and got new business?

Online marketing no longer means just having a fancy website. To compete online you also must use email autoresponders, social networking, online video/article distribution and much more. And you need to keep up with all of the ongoing search marketing tasks to ensure your business gets found among the billions of existing websites

eLocalBiz Marketing helps local business owners deal with this growing complexity. Our goal is to help our clients dominate the Internet in their local area without having to understand anything about online marketing.

We take a unique approach to accomplish this. Instead of working with any and all local businesses, we only focus on selected niches.

Hereʼs why.

The Internet is about making these four things happen:

  • Get prospects to visit you online
  • Make contact with those visitors
  • Get those prospects to become customers
  • Get your customers to stay with you for life

The reality is that local businesses canʼt accomplish these goals without taking a comprehensive and integrated approach. In todayʼs complex and competitive online environment doing things piecemeal just doesn’t work.

Implementing a comprehensive online strategy that actually works is complicated and expensive, and most local business owners just donʼt have the expertise or financial resources to pull it off.

In todayʼs market it would take months of development and thousands of dollars of expense to put a complete online system in place that does everything exactly right. And that’s only possible if the web developer knows what they’re doing.

Given that a business’s online real-estate might end up being more valuable than any land or buildings they may own, it is probably worth the investment — but, again, most business owners won’t or can’t do it.

Therefore, we take a different approach. Instead of working directly with local business owners, we do our work through marketing partners in carefully selected niches.

Here are the steps of how this model works.

  1. eLocalBiz Marketing is contacted by a potential partner in a niche — such as a franchisor or national consultant — and we mutually agree to work together.
  2. In conjunction with the partner, we jointly develop a world-class, comprehensive and integrated online system for the niche — that is optimized for online visibility, traffic generation and conversion of that traffic to leads and customers.
  3. We take the niche-specific online marketing system and roll it out to other geographic markets on an area-exclusive basis.

This model allows our marketing partner to offer their clients a world-class online marketing system that no single client would ever be able to develop on their own — because they wouldn’t have the expertise or resources to do so.

This way of doing business is unique, but we don’t understand why. In our opinion, providing systems on an area-exclusive basis is the ONLY approach that makes any sense.

Here is why:

  • Our clients know weʼre 100% focused on accomplishing the four goals above (traffic, leads, more customers, returning customers) and building the asset value of their online real estate — for them and ONLY them
  • We donʼt have to worry about any competitive issues so we can work — without constraint — to create absolute local Internet dominance for our clients.
  • With a network of geographically dispersed sites we have the opportunity to syndicate content between clients, providng a huge search-marketing benefit.

Thereʼs another HUGE benefit of eLocalBiz Marketing focusing only on selected business niches. Because our systems use our dead-simple-to-use proprietary technology, thereʼs no need for our clients to understand the hows and whys of online marketing.

With our systems, ALL the technology, ALL of the content, and ALL of the processes are 100% done for our clients and proven to work. We have learned that our clients want to get the full marketing value of the Internet, but don’t want to deal with any of its complexity.

Our eLocalBiz Marketing capabilities are a component of what we do in developing a comprehensive, fully-integrated online presence for our partners. To learn about the many ways you can partner with eInnov8 Marketing, please CLICK HERE.

Taking The Complexity Out Of Internet Marketing