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As you’ve probably noticed, marketing is rapidly moving online.

Traditional marketing — print, TV and radio — is being displaced by Internet marketing. For example:

  • Almost all searches for a local businesses occur online
  • Social media is used by 1 in 10 people on the planet
  • Online revenues are exploding
  • Online comparison shopping is widely practiced
  • The Internet has become the dominant source of information for almost every demographic

Almost every industry has at least one player who is “crushing it” by using the Internet as their dominant means of marketing.

This shift to online marketing is happening so fast and changing so rapidly that most businesses are struggling to keep up — or, worse, still trying to get started — especially given the growing complexity of what it takes to be successful.

Internet marketing used to mean just having a fancy website. Now it requires use of online video/audio, Internet-wide content distribution, results-focused search marketing, email marketing, social networking, and more.

Most business owners and professionals have little interest in becoming proficient with Internet technology, but they realize they MUST have an effective online presence. Yet technologists continue to make unrealistic assumptions about what a business professional can do, wants to do or has time to do in terms of online marketing.

As a result, only a small fraction of businesses are taking advantage of the incredible marketing power of the Internet and the rest are getting left behind.

In 2008 eInnov8 Marketing was formed to address this problem.

The professionals who work with us realize their business MUST have an effective online presence, but their interest and available time to devote to making this happen is limited. They bring us in to solve the problem.

They just want results: more online visibility, greater traffic to their online properties and conversions to leads and sales.

Therefore, we invest in developing online systems to solve the most difficult challenges of online marketing so our clients don’t have to.

Here are just some of the challenges we’ve addressed:

  • The complexity of incorporating video and audio, which are rapidly displacing text as the preferred online medium
  • The piecemeal approach required to implement all the necessary elements of an effective online marketing campaign
  • Developing and maintaining a comprehensive and integrated online presence as a local business with limited people and financial resources
  • The difficulty content creators have in sharing their expertise with others via the Internet using all the media types and methods available
  • Selecting the best technologies to deliver the maximum results over the long term in the most cost-effective way possible

The underlying technologies we use are extremely advanced, but we do our best to make them invisible to our clients. Simplicity and elegance is our goal.

We encourage you to check out the many ways you can partner with eInnov8 Marketing to develop a comprehensive, fully-integrated online presence for your business. Just CLICK HERE to learn more.

Taking The Complexity Out Of Internet Marketing