For GKIC Independent Business Advisors…

Generate Tons of Leads, Convert Those
Leads To Members and Be More Efficient
At Managing Your Entire Business
… with None of the Usual Headaches

The GKIC Business Advisor Profit Portal Is the
Most Advanced Lead- Generation and
Conversion Machine To Ever Hit the Web!

While most local businesses require a physical location, Business Advisors like you need no such expense. People in your target market want to find YOU online and now — finally — they will be able to. And, for you, it will require NONE of the headaches normally required to setup and manage a FULLY-integrated Internet presence.

This System Will Dramatically Increase Your
Revenue With Minimal Additional Effort

Your potential clients are NOT driving along Main Street looking for ways to increase their business … they’re surfing the information highway, which is precisely where YOU’LL be found.

As a Business Advisor, your professionally designed online profit portal IS your business – with HUGE search engine optimized signs drawing your prospects in. Once these – right-market – prospects and potential members arrive at your online storefront, our proven, built-in sales processes take over. They are at your doorstep ready to hear the right message at the right time via the right media.

The system integrates Dan Kennedy’s proven strategies into an online revenue machine. It provides search- and social media-driven traffic, targeted copy that sells and multiple conversion funnels, including the granddaddy of them all – The Most Incredible Free Gift Ever.

Potential members can register for your upcoming chapter event, purchase a product or visit the Success Club. And, in every case – as they get added to your list – YOU get credit for all their future purchases.

Content Is King and Is Now Simple To Obtain

To ensure your site doesn’t go stale in the search engines, it can be tied to the brand new GKIC content syndication network – which automatically feeds your site with up-to-date, rich, multi- media content from the GKIC team. This makes your profit portal a super magnet for the search engines.

Plus, you’ll have the option to easily add your own multi-media content and create video and audio emails using the online authoring system – a breakthrough in Internet marketing.

Then, via our Web Content Flood technology, your submissions are distributed to your video repository accounts like YouTube and Daily Motion, social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter and your own iTunes podcast.

This system even allows you to capture – online – video, audio and written testimonials – turning your customers into referral machines.

Taking the Complexity Out of Internet Marketing
and Removing the Hassles For You

The profit portal is a marketer’s dream because of its business-building features, but ALSO due to what you DON’T see – super-advanced behind-the-scenes technology that takes ALL the complexity out of Internet marketing.

Multi-media content from the GKIC team populates your site automatically and – from a single page – you can easily add your own videos, audio content and articles.

The rest just happens – “automagically” – to help you be a roaring success and make a ton of money – without any of the headaches.

A physical location is no longer necessary to have a thriving local business. The GKIC business advisor profit portal ensures you’ll be found where your prospects are looking – ONLINE.

This new online lead-generation, conversion and member-management system is available via a partnership between GKIC and eInnov8 Marketing. You can see it at location.gkicadvisor.com and view a video about it at: http://www.ei8t.com/m/p/gmGLDB9Sj


There are four pricing options:

Option 1 —Basic System

Includes the professionally written and designed website at location.gkicadvisor.com, blog, landing page templates, integration with your CRM system, setup of all affiliate links, SEO for business advisor keywords, and SEO for your location and name.

Option 2 —Internet Video-Audio

Includes Floodtech online authoring system with Floodgate Page and Video-Audio Drop Box – enabling simple publishing of video, audio, images and text to your website. Also, includes a video and audio email system, online testimonials system, mobile version of your website, unlimited phone hotlines and unlimited media storage.

With the Internet Video-Audio multi-media marketing system, you (or your customers) can go to a single page on your website to submit video, audio, image and written content that is then immediately available to be published to your blog, landing pages, testimonials page and media center with just a few mouse clicks.’

In addition, your site will be connected to the GKIC content syndication network so your blog will be constantly fed with fresh content (video, audio text) from the GKIC team. You’ll also have the ability to submit your own content through this system to increase your online visibility and generate back links to your site.

Option 3 —Web Content Flood

Includes setup of GKIC-branded social media accounts (e.g., Facebook), iTunes podcast and video repository accounts (e.g., YouTube, Daily Motion) for your business. Also, includes submission to local directories (e.g., Google Places, Yahoo Local), connection of blog to social media accounts for automatic publishing, connection to the GKIC syndication network so your blog can be constantly fed with content from the GKIC team, video resume system and a simple-to-follow social-media-management guide.

With the Web Content Flood multi-media content distribution system, your submissions are automatically distributed Internet wide. In addition, your blog will be populated with additional premium content from the GKIC team.

Option 4 —Web Content Flood – Fully Managed

Includes 100% management of all your submitted content – including content (video, audio, text) editing, publishing to the appropriate places on your online system (website, landing pages, blog, testimonial display, social media accounts, podcast, directories), transcribing of video/audio, SEO of submitted content, and distribution to video, article and press-release sharing sites. Also includes management of all incoming content from the GKIC syndication network.

All of this happens when you record/upload/submit content from a single page on your website.

Discover How This Breakthrough System Works To Support All Your Online Needs

Floodtech™ online authoring system is the name we use to describe the single access point you will use to record/upload/submit all of your content (video, audio, image, text) to our online system. Once submitted, then it is easily published to various locations on our website via our Internet Video-Audio system. From there, our Web Content Flood system takes over to distribute your content Internet-wide. Most of this happens either automatically or with just a few mouse clicks on your site that you can access from anywhere. It’s really that easy.

Let Us Eliminate the Hassles and Headaches of Dealing
With Your Online Presence So You Can Focus
On Managing the Customer Experience

The GKIC business advisor profit portal eliminates the hassle, headaches and work normally required to setup and manage an effective online presence — such as:

The goal of this system is to ensure you are THE authority in your area for helping small business owners and entrepreneurs – without having to deal with the overwhelming complexity of having a comprehensive and fully-integrated online presence.

To let us get started in setting up your system, your have three options:

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