10 Mistakes: What Should You Do?

This is one of a series of 12 posts that will show you how to take full advantage of the business-building power of the Internet and not get left behind as your prospects shift from using the Yellow Pages to the Internet to find a martial art school. Click here to view the first post and to access links to the others. 

If you are a local business owner or franchisor, what should you do?

If you have gotten to this point, I’m sure you are feeling a bit overwhelmed.

You know you need a fully-integrated online presence and you now know why 99% of websites are a total waste of time and money — but what do you do now?

In my opinion, you have two options:

1.  Use your new-found knowledge to either:

  • Search for a broad-based technology company that fully understands all these reasons for Internet marketing failures. Then contract with them to build out your online presence; or
  • Put together an internal team with the wide range of expertise necessary to be effective in developing a fully-integrated online system and managing a local business Internet marketing effort

However, before you let either group start, be sure they read through this information.

2.  Find a company that has developed a world-class fully-integrated online system for your business niche in another geographic location and ask them if they can duplicate that system for you. However, realize this may be a challenge due to federal copyright laws. Unless the web development firm developed all the content themselves, using it on another site won’t be possible.

What you DON’T want to do is develop something piecemeal with separate individuals or groups handling the different elements of an effective online presence, such as:

  • Website infrastructure
  • Graphic design
  • Copywriting
  • Search marketing
  • Technology maintenance
  • Social media marketing
  • Video management
  • Mobile version of site
  • Business directory listings
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) system

And, if you need them:

  • Membership site
  • eCommerce functionality

Instead, you want to find one group who can develop and manage all of your local business online marketing efforts and, ideally, do even more (e.g., podcasts, Web TV, local deal sites).


Will the Internet be a huge opportunity for
your local business or a pending disaster?

As I said at the beginning, you can’t afford to NOT be part of the 1% who are making the Internet an integral part of their business and, as a result, making lots of money and getting new customers every month, with little extra effort.

The Internet is going to become more and more important media for the marketing of any local business. However, unlike the Yellow Pages of the past, it’s possible for your competitors to lock you out of the top search engine rankings potentially forever.

Instead, what should be happening is that it’s you who are locking them out.

I hope the information presented on these pages allows you do that and be part of the 1%.


About The Author

I mentioned above that I’ve been running a company called eInnov8 Marketing since 2007 — a technology company focused on “taking the complexity out of Internet Marketing.”

Prior to that my background includes getting an MBA from Wharton and over 20 years of experience as a corporate executive for such companies as Eli Lilly and Company, and Marquette Electronics. In 2000, I left the corporate world to develop business ventures and, since then, have founded several companies.

In addition, for three years, I was part of the marketing faculty at the University of Wisconsin – teaching Principles of Marketing and Entrepreneurial Marketing – and have done a lot of speaking at large and small conferences. If you want to discuss booking me for a conference, please call 888-529-9298.

I formed eInnov8 Marketing due to my frustration, within my own businesses, with Internet marketing. I can genuinely say that I made all the mistakes discussed above over and over again because I didn’t know any better and neither did the teams I was working with.

Once I started working with clients beyond my own businesses, I quickly learned the ten reasons listed above were prevalent in almost all local businesses and, as a result, they were getting almost no value from their online efforts.

Now, sadly – at the time of this writing – this is as true as ever. Local business owners are still making big mistakes, but the Internet has become even more important as a marketing medium and there is now real competition online – so businesses are falling further and further and further behind.

In response to this situation, eInnov8 Marketing has been working to address this problem. The technology we originally used to develop the online system for my client in 2007 (and then duplicate for other geographic locations) is no longer available so we had to develop our own. This internally-developed technology is now in its third generation.

Our latest system went into beta trial in March of 2011 with hundreds of fully integrated local online systems and was officially launched at a national conference in November of 2012 put on by GKIC.

GKIC (www.dankennedy.com) and many other companies have selected eInnov8 Marketing as their online-system partner for these reasons:

  • Our six-year history in developing online systems for local businesses in specific market niches
  • The system we’ve put in place to enable multi-media content to be submitted at a central portal and have it automatically syndicate to a each node on a network of local sites
  • Our proprietary technology that enables the complete management of a business’ online presence from a single website page – including the recording/uploading of video and audio
  • Our exceptional expertise in local search marketing
  • Our acute awareness of who’s interacting with our products and services – overworked business owners and professionals who have no interest in becoming tech wizards

eInnov8 Marketing primarily works with franchisors, niche information marketers, and local-business consultants/agencies who are interested in partnering to bring eInnov8 Marketing’s tools to a specific market or geographic niche for which the partner has domain expertise and a significant client list.

However, we also offer a unique “done with you” solution for local businesses where we use our proprietary technology to develop fully-integrated online systems during a three-day session with two-person teams from about ten businesses. These sessions are held several times per year.

If you’d like to learn more about our eInnov8 Marketing and our local business online marketing services, please contact us by calling 888-529-9298, sending an email to sales@einnov8.com or visiting our website at www.einnov8.com.

To download a PDF of this report and get a free copy of “Become A Big Shot In Your Local Market” go to www.einnov8.com/10-mistakes-pdf/.

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