Reason #10 – Not Having a Comprehensive Online System that Goes Far Beyond Just a Website

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Reason #10 – Not having a comprehensive online system that goes far beyond just a website

None of the reasons above might apply to your business and you still may not be successful online.

Now, that didn’t used to be true. Up until about 2011, just having a website (although one that didn’t make the mistakes discussed above) was sufficient. What’s happened in recent years is that the Internet has become hopelessly complex.

First, the search engine algorithms have become much more sophisticated. It used to be that, if you just had well done title and meta tags, your site would be ranked high by the search engines.

Well, no longer. Now you need more advanced on-site search engine optimization, placement in local search directories, lots of back links and a plan to add more over time, active social media accounts, regular addition of multi-media content to a blog, a mobile version of your website, accounts at article and video repository accounts, aggressive use of video and audio marketing and more.

And, you need to take into account that the search engines now know where people are located when they are searching online – so they are much better at presenting local business results.

Second, the Internet is now far more than just a collection of websites. Now there are blogs, business directories, online review sites, social media accounts, article repositories, podcasts, Web TV, local deal sites and much much more.

Third, there is a major trend with the use of video on websites, blogs and social media accounts.

YouTube has made it simple to put a video online, but if you want to use video in your marketing there are all sorts of challenges. You need to record the video, move it to your computer, get it transcoded to the right format and file size for the web, deal with file-storage issues and then, the hardest of all, get it placed correctly on your online properties.

Fourth, most online systems are set up where all of these various elements are implemented in a piecemeal fashion. So, if you can even remember where everything is, you need to login to multiple accounts with different user interfaces in order to manage your online presence.

What’s needed is a fully-integrated online system that includes all of the above elements. However, it must be manageable with little time commitment and without the need for any technical ability.

In other words, an effective local business online marketing system needs to require just a few simple tasks to do on a regular basis, with everything else getting taken care of automatically.

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