Reason #7 – Relying on a Website Developer to Write the Content for a Site or for the Local Business Owner to Write it by Themselves

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Reason #7 – Relying on a website developer to write the content for a site or for the local-business owner to write it by themselves

I hope it is obvious from reading Reading #6 that the content of a website is critically important to its success.

You absolutely must have compelling reasons for visitors to respond and provide their contact information – and those reasons generally come in the form of written content (website text, coupon copy, reports, newsletters).

But, writing this content is a very specialized skill. For a local business website, it requires:

  • Professional writing ability
  • In-depth knowledge about the benefits of the local business niche for a target market
  • Detailed understanding on how to correctly use keywords to search-engine-optimize a site
  • Expertise in direct response marketing so that the copy compels visitors to respond
  • Proficiency in website usability to ensure visitors don’t get frustrated in navigating the site

Reasons #1 through #6 may not apply to your business and you can still end up with a worthless website if this mistake is made. Writing good website content – using all of the specialized skills listed above – is that important.

Hardly any website developers have these skills and I’m guessing that you don’t either.

That’s one of the reasons why the “template websites” are of almost no value. These widely-promoted websites make all of the mistakes – in spades. But they also have the additional problem of requiring the business owner to write their own content.

Sure, some of these companies provide some boiler plate copy to use and/or a collection of links to other websites of interest. But this content is generally of little interest to prospects, the content isn’t search-engine optimized for your business and the external links just suck away hard-earned traffic.

Bottom line – you must involve a professional, website copywriter who has a in-depth knowledge of Search Engine Optimization to help develop the content for your website.

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