Reason #6 – Not Designing a Website with Clear Priorities as to What You Want Visitors to do Once they Get There

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Reason #6 – Not designing a website with clear priorities as to what you want visitors to do once they get there

Think for a moment… after someone has visited your website, what would you most like them to do?

Frankly, it seems that local businesses who spend a lot of money on their website, expect their visitors to call and say, “Loved your website… it’s gorgeous… please sign me up.”

How many times do think that happens? Not often – if ever – but many local businesses have websites where that’s the only possible outcome. And, even then, sometimes it’s almost impossible to find a phone number to call!

Instead, an effective lead-generation website needs to consider four realities:

1.  Visitors need a very compelling reason to respond (visit, call, complete an online form). Having a nice-looking website will never be enough.

2.  Visitors need multiple reasons to respond. What might be compelling to one visitor might be a big bore for someone else. The goal should be convert as many visitors as possible, so you need multiple offers.

3.  Visitors need ways to respond that require various levels of commitment. For example, calling is a pretty big commitment for some people and, if that’s their only option, you will likely never hear from them. But that same person might be willing to request a coupon or a special report on a topic of interest.

4.  Not all visitors are ready to take action the day they visit a website. However, they may be willing to sign up for a newsletter so you can stay in touch with them on a regular basis until they are ready to make a purchase.

It is critical that a website is designed with these four realities in mind and with a crystal-clear understanding of what you want visitors to do once they make it to the site. For example, most businesses would want the following to happen, in this priority order:

  1. Visit your business or make an online purchase
  2. Call your business
  3. Get a special-offer coupon via a request form
  4. Get a compelling free report via a request form
  5. Sign up for a weekly newsletter via a subscription form

In other words, a website should have a range of offers to pique the interest of as many visitors as possible and cause them to identify themselves so they can be followed up with.

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