About Us

 About Us

eInnov8 Marketing was formed in 2008 to develop innovative solutions for the most significant challenges of Internet marketing.

Our current solutions are:

  • Web Marketing For Experts
  • eLocalBiz Marketing
  • Web Content Flood
  • Internet Video-Audio
  • Experts In WordPress

The team at eInnov8 Marketing consists of experienced business executives and technologists who are focused on having our clients gain the full marketing power of the Internet without having to deal with any of its complexity.

In developing our advanced technology solutions we’re acutely focused on who’s interacting with our products and services — overworked business owners and professionals who have no interest in becoming tech wizards.

We strive to develop solutions that are what we call “100% done-for-you.” But, in situations where it’s necessary for our end-user clients to interact with technology, we work hard to make the user experience as simple and intuitive as possible.

Our end-user clients include business owners, marketing executives, health-care professionals, attorneys, accountants, consultants, sales representatives, trainers/educators, authors, and information marketers.

The professionals who work with us realize their business MUST have an effective online presence, but their interest and available time to devote to making this happen is limited.

We do most of our work through marketing partners, such as franchisors, niche information marketers, local-business consultants/agencies, and learning management companies. But, we also — in selective cases — work directly with end-user customer.

To find out if eInnov8 Marketing is good match to meet your needs, please Contact Us.

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Taking The Complexity Out Of Internet Marketing