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My name is Allen Oelschlaeger and I have been working with local businesses to help them establish an effective online presence since 2007. As a result, I’ve analyzed thousands and thousands of local business websites.

The sad reality is that 99% of the websites I’ve reviewed are a total waste of time and money. Check out this video:

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A local business website should have just two goals: traffic (prospects finding and visiting your website) and conversions (visitors giving you their contact information). It’s these two goals that leads to new customers.

Traffic + Conversions = New Customers

A simple concept — but rarely happening … and I’ve learned the reasons why, which I’ve captured in this 20-page free report about local business Internet marketing. To access this report, just click on the link below.

Local Business Internet Marketing Access

These 20 pages are not a sales pitch for our local business Internet marketing services. Sure, we’re always looking for more clients, but that’s not why I developed this report. Instead, I wrote it out of frustration after seeing the incredible waste of time and money spent on incompetent Internet marketing services and developers. In all likelihood you probably won’t use our services — but I hope the information in this report prevents you from making the same mistakes I’ve seen made over and over and over again.

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